Tara Francis


Tara Francis’ love for art is obvious, including from a young age, when she would steal her mother’s liquid eyeliner to draw on their home walls. This was just the start of her journey exploring art, spirituality, and self-expression. Today, Tara, who is from Elsipogtog, is a recognized Aboriginal artist in New Brunswick. She specializes in porcupine quill art and silk painting but also likes working with 3-dimensional pieces. Tara’s art is overflowing with substance, quality, and spiritual meaning.

When it comes to art, Tara has always had a special talent. When she graduated from high school, she received a bursary for art and as she left college she received an Aboriginal creation grant that became a pivotal moment in her career.

Tara practices the traditional technique of porcupine quill work but she doesn’t create traditional pieces. Traditional creations would consist of baskets, cradles, geometric patterns, berets, etc. Tara puts her own touch on traditional porcupine quill work by thinking outside of the box.