Shoshana Walfish

Shoshana Walfish was born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1988. She moved to Montreal to study painting and drawing at Concordia University, graduating with honours in 2011. It was there she fell in love with oil painting, portraiture in particular, and began to explore its possibilities. After painting and exhibiting in Montreal for 7 years, she moved to Florence, Italy to study portraiture and classical methods of painting. It was there, in an intensive course of study for over three years, that  she honed her technique and learned the ins and outs of the ancient material. Her work now seeks to use classical methods to explore contemporary subjects and ideas, merging the traditional methods with our modern life. She paints from life, using natural light, hand ground paints she makes herself, on fine linen.. Her work is in private collections across Canada, the United States and Italy. 

“Painting from life is exciting, you have all the possibilities in front of you and nature gives you the answers. It is up to the artist to listen to what nature is telling her and translate it onto the canvas, allowing the viewer to perceive the subject through the artist’s eyes. In my work I seek to explore the possibilities of painting, in a classical way, the people and things of our daily lives, finding the beauty in the everyday. ” 


10"x 7", watercolour 2015