Romeo Savoie

Roméo Savoie was born March 9, 1928 in Moncton, southeastern New Brunswick1. He obtained a BA from the University of Saint Joseph in Memramcook in 1950 and a Bachelor of Architecture from the School of Fine Arts in Montreal 19561. The call of the visual arts is felt in 1964. He is an architect in Montreal and several cities in New Brunswick until 1970 when he decided to devote himself to peinture1. He presented his work in many countries. The painting led him to stay in France from 1970 to 19721. On his return, he settled in Moncton1. He taught art at the University of Moncton, he is designer and freelance designer and he painted while drawing some édifices1. In 1985 he began studying at the University of Quebec in Montreal and he obtained a Master of Fine Arts in 19881. Thereafter, he devoted himself primarily to painting but also writes poèmes1. As in painting, he wrote in layers and even interpreter tables scattered in Journeys (1989) 1. He wrote many poems linked by a theme, a situation or emotion, inspired by his environment, especially the sea with the broken water (1982) and In the shadow images (1991) 1. His poetry is philosophical, as demonstrated in a distant Ireland1.

He received several awards including the Miller Brittain Award (1994), the Strathbutler Award (1998) and an honorary doctorate in Fine Arts from the University of Moncton (1999).

Monique LeBlanc realized in 2010 documentary Roméo Savoie, painting the body.