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Tara Francis


Sophie Levesque


Dawn Steeves


Tara, who is from Elsipogtog, is a recognized Aboriginal artist in New Brunswick. She specializes in porcupine quill art and silk painting but also likes working with 3-dimensional pieces. Tara’s art is overflowing with substance, quality, and spiritual meaning.

When it comes to art, Tara has always had a special talent. When she graduated from high school, she received a bursary for art and as she left college she received an Aboriginal creation grant that became a pivotal moment in her career.

Tara practices the traditional technique of porcupine quill work but she doesn’t create traditional pieces. Traditional creations would consist of baskets, cradles, geometric patterns, berets, etc. Tara puts her own touch on traditional porcupine quill work by thinking outside of the box.

Sophie Levesque is a visual artist from Edmunston , North West New Brunswick. She has had many solo and group shows to her name in New-Brunswick and Quebec.

Sophie has won national competitors including Defining Moments 2012 and Generation Art 2011.

Sophie is inspired by the figurative expressionist movement. She attended graduated from the visual arts program at the University of St Thomas in New Brunswick.

She is a figurative impressionist painter. She paints spaces and landscapes. Shape, and mark making are used to create emotions and questions the structure of natural form. She creates only impressions of these places as time changes them and so do people.

Dawn isfascinated with the process of art making. Her professional background consists of fibre arts, digital art, printmaking and design, but, her preferred artistic process is painting. With a few pigments she attempts to create believable representational images through the employment of interesting combinations and harmonies, which assists her to expand upon her knowledge in colour theory and further develop her painting skills.She has had the pleasure to work with expert artists and teachers, particularly in the last five years, partially funded through the Charlotte Glencross scholarship in 2018 and a career development grant from ArtsNB in 2020.