Marcus Kingston

Teacher, visual artist and architecture fanatic Marcus Kingston is overjoyed to have his most recent work at Gallery on Queen. His current pieces embody an immense appreciation for historic architecture, be it residential or municipal. His interest in the preservation of heritage properties is deeply rooted in his subject matter. He finds true beauty in the aesthetics of a forgotten time, when ornament, craftsmanship and longevity were simply expected. His unique perspective allows his contemporary work to reflect traditional ideals. Between 2002 and 2006 Marcus attended Mount Allison University where he was introduced to a plethora of artistic movements, styles and ideas. Upon graduating with his Bachelor of Fine Arts, he began showing his work at a local Fredericton gallery. While there he etched out a spot as an emerging artist to look out for. He is now happy to call the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design his home, where he instructs and inspires a new generation of up and coming visual artists.



black pen on board, 2016