Dawn Steeves

I am fascinated with the process of art making. My professional background consists of fibre arts, digital art, printmaking and design, but, my preferred artistic process is painting. With a few pigments I attempt to create believable representational images through the employment of interesting combinations and harmonies, which assists me to expand upon my knowledge in colour theory and further develop my painting skills. I have had the pleasure to work with expert artists and teachers, particularly in the last five years, partially funded through the Charlotte Glencross scholarship in 2018 and a career development grant from ArtsNB in 2020.

My studio is a room of 160 square feet; a runway flooded in south-facing light. I understand that a studio ought to be oriented in a more north-facing lighting situation but I enjoy the warm, brief, moving light. I have two bright LED bulbs for when that sun gets so mesmerizing I can’t see what is on the easel and I have to block the window, and for when I work at night. There are many years’ worth of collected art supplies in this room, everything bristling with potential energy. 

I work in sequences and series. Each series is an exploration in colour dynamics, as well as a spin around a theme. The subject is merely a backdrop for what is happening with the palette and the materials. I try to push colours to the limit, experimenting with the types of affects they can produce together. One such project received a creation grant from ArtsNB in 2019. I am grateful for the opportunity to enjoy this type of experimentation.


Cat Variations