Christine Lavoie

Christine Lavoie is a professional artist specializing in sculptural ceramics and ancient firing techniques, such as raku, saggar and wood pit firing. Originally from Rivière-Verte in New Brunswick (Canada), she now creates out of her studio located in the provincial capital.


“My artistic process seeks understanding through the light that transcends and unites all things.

Images that inspire me are organic, mysterious, sometimes lunar and from ancient worlds.

The overlay of meaning and symbols creates metaphors that are based on themes of birth, evolution, fragility, interdependence, complementarity, time, travel, inner strength, cosmology, contemplation and mysticism.

When I hold the clay in my hands, I feel like the artwork has already existed since the beginning of time. I simply listen and liberate it into this world – it is alive.”

Christine Lavoie

Ceramist Sculptor

New Work
Canoe Series
Cosmic Seed Series
Offering Bowl Series
Sacred Geometry Series
Other Artwork

naked raku ceramic (maps courtesy N.B. archives